Monday, June 8, 2009

Organizing My Week - Getting it All Done

I want to bring some homemade yogurt to my SIL when we visit them later this week. I think I'm hoping to spread the obsession we currently have with our homemade yogurt. Anyway, we are also almost out of yogurt ourselves, which means its yogurt making time. I prepped a batch last night and it was ready this morning. It is straining now in the fridge and a second batch is started on the stove. I also knew we'd need lots of chicken stock this week, so last night, I put some chicken carcasses in the crock pot with onions, celery and carrots and this morning, we have stock.

This week is going to be very busy and will need to be planned in more detail than I am used to. I'm going to put down my plan here so that I can refer to it daily to make sure I don't miss anything.

Sunday night: One batch of yogurt and one batch of chicken stock.

Monday: Morning Strain first batch of yogurt - make another batch of yogurt - strain over night. Cool chicken stock. Freeze it for later in the week, once it is cooled. Shop for items needed for this week's meals. Season chickens and let sit in refrigerator to "marinate" for 4 hours. Slow roast in oven all afternoon. Cut up cantaloupe and refrigerate for tomorrow. Wash and rough chop lettuce. Split croissant rolls. Late afternoon, cook squash. Also, planning to do a little "antiquing/ flea market treasure hunting since I only have one child with me today. Need to take care of something with the car today, too. After dinner, make chicken salad for tomorrow and make more chicken stock in crock pot over night.

Tuesday: Pack up chicken salad, lettuce, cheese, cantaloupe, croissant rolls in cooler. Strain chicken stock from crock pot and then put chicken stock, veggies, and seasoning in crock pot for tonight's dinner. Visit whole foods for Celtic sea salt and coconut oil. Two hours before we eat, make dough for rolls. One half hour before we have dinner, add shredded chicken and dry pasta to soup and put rolls in oven. After supper, make dough for 2 multigrain french bread (for Baked Blueberry French Bread and sandwich on Friday -) and bake them. One will stay out in a bag to get stale for the french toast and the other will go into the freezer for later this week. Make 2 pizza crust doughs - refrigerate for Wednesday.

Wednesday: Morning - make yogurt - strain over night. Make double batch of waffles. Freeze extra for tomorrow. Bake brownies. Bake oatmeal cookies. Bake yummy Italian Focaccia bread for Muffaletto sandwich (I'll try to remember to take pictures. This is the yummiest sandwich!!) Wash a lot of dishes. Cut up fruit for fruit tray and put on a tray in refrigerator. Make cheese spread and store in refrigerator. Make chicken enchiladas. Cover and refrigerate for Thursday. Make lassagna. Cover and refrigerate for Friday. Visit farmer's market. Make Pizzas for supper from farmer's market veggies and dough from yesterday.

Thursday: Toast waffles for breakfast. Build muffaletto sandwiches and toast in oven. Warm chicken enchiladas for supper. Enjoy our guests.

Friday: Morning - bake french toast. Serve with maple syrup. Make sandwich or have leftovers for lunch. Bake lassagna, steam broccoli, bake bread sticks. Enjoy our guests.

Saturday: Make smoothies. Put soup ingredients in crock pot. Enjoy our guests. Come home to a yummy supper.

Sunday: Enjoy our guests until they have to leave.

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Sounds like a busy, but satisfying week. I admire how organized you are!