Thursday, June 4, 2009

Growing Garlic

There are five garlic plants in this container.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that some of the garlic in my pantry had started sprouting and that I had just pushed them into the dirt to see what would happen. There were a few comments to that post asking for more information on growing garlic. After a google search, this helpful site turned up: Garlic Smith's. The previous link is to their planting page which I found filled with useful information.

Here is one of the last garlic cloves planted. You can just see the sprout above the soil.

It seems that I did, in fact plant at the wrong time and it is very likely that I will not see much for my (minimal) effort. I'm okay with that. I'll consider it a homeschooling project using the scientific method :o) That should make me feel better.

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