Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Farmer's Market Haul

Look what we got at the farmer's market!!

Two cucumbers, 4 ears of sweet corn, 5 pounds of plums and 3 pounds of the biggest figs I've ever seen. Because we at at least 5 pounds of plums last week, some of these will be made into plum jam. The figs are my excuse to splurge a little. I'm going to the grocery store tomorrow for milk, and I plan to pick up prosciutto and some goat cheese to make Proscuitto Wrapped Figs. Its a pretty big splurge, but hubby said he liked the sound of the recipe, so I think we'll treat ourselves. If there are any figs left after we eat some (a lot), and make the Prosciutto Wrapped Figs, then I'll cook them as preserves to make fig cobbler.

What did you get at the market?


Anonymous said...

How do you already have figs!?? I'm jealous. I'm hoping the Foreman Dr. fm has figs. E had told me that our neighbor down the road had a huge fig tree that some of the branches overhung into the woods and those figs went to waste.

We walked over there to ask if we could glean the figs off their tree that's in the woods. Come to find out, it's not figs, but pears LOL. E was confused. So, still no figs, but I've got pears when they come ripe. I don't like pears LOL.

E and I bought the largest cantaloupe I've ever seen today @ the market.

The Book Lady Online said...

I have no idea how there are already figs, but I sure was excited. I think they are a different variety than most people grow in LA. I have never seen such large figs.

What a funny story about the pears. My grandparents have pear trees, and like you, I don't really like pears. When they give us their extras, we make pear sauce with them. You almost can't tell the difference between pear sauce and apple sauce. And if you still don't like it even as sauce, you can always use it in baking.

How cool about your cantaloupe! Farmer's market cantaloupe have ruined me forever on grocery store cantaloupe.

Anonymous said...

No kidding about store cantaloupe. I won't buy it unless it's local and in season. For whatever reason, Super 1 on Amb Caf sells local produce from a farm in Church Point. How cool is that. I've burned up their comment line complimenting them on selling local. They only do it in the spring/summer. I'd love it if they had even more. The prices are higher than the farmer's market though, but not by much.

I think LA figs are turkey figs or LSU figs. I've been wanting to plant fig trees since we moved here 7 years ago. This year I will do it!

I was thinking pear butter or pear sauce. The kids like applesauce, so they'll like the pear sauce. If all else, E loves pears, so I'll can them up for him to eat.