Friday, June 12, 2009

Food Storage: Homemade Fig Preserves

This morning, while everyone else was still asleep, I decided to make fig preserves out of the figs we bought at the farmer's market. The smell of the figs cooking brought me back 30 years to the summers we spent at my grandparents' house. Its funny how quickly a scent can bring you back to times past. I wonder what scents will bring back special memories to my kids when they are adults.

This is one of the huge figs I bought at the farmer's market mid week. I really hope the farmer has more tomorrow. We ate a few as a snack and some of them are going to be paired with goat cheese and prosciutto tonight. Three cups of them went into a pot with sugar and a little water . . .
And became fig preserves. Most of these preserves will be used in Fig Cobbler tomorrow. Since I made a small batch and am planning to use most of it in a recipe tomorrow, I did not bother canning them. I guess technically it is not food storage, but its practice for what's coming in the next few weeks. I'm sure I'll post a picture of the finished cobbler, if I remember to take one before we eat the whole thing.
We also tried the preserves with yogurt and discovered a new obsession. Really, I would never have thought to try it, but Bryan suggested it and turns out, its delicious.

Every summer we can as many pints of fig preserves as possible, so hopefully there will be pictures of those jars to post in a few weeks.

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