Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Update 6-25-09

I am feeling much better about my poor garden this week. Transplanting things, moving them into partial shade and putting out self watering devices all helped and my plants are starting to recover. The temps here this week are exceeding 100 degrees, so thank God the plants are all safely in the shade during the hottest part of the day. I tried water bottles and milk jugs for self watering but both emptied out very quickly (within an hour's time) and I needed something that would last for the weekend since we were planning to travel for a few days. DH, not wanting me to be disappointed with a dead garden upon our return (is there any wonder why I love this guy), got me 6 of those glass watering globe things (as seen on T.V.) from Walmart before we left. They were empty when we returned and the soil was dry, but the plants were still alive, so I call that a success.

One of the blueberry plants is doing really well but the other has lost all of its leaves - they are dry and crumbly. The stems and stalk are still green, which implies that, at least for now, it is still alive, so I am going to continue to treat it as such and hope for the best.

We are still harvesting cherry tomatoes and yellow pear tomatoes and our first red bell pepper is ready to be picked. I put in a new basil plant as the other was flowering and also mostly brown. The parsley and oregano are back from the brink (mostly) and I'm hoping to use some of both this weekend.

The lemon tree can barely stay upright under the weight of all of the lemons. They are almost full size and I can practically taste them. The figs continue to grow and the peas in the landscaping are growing and starting to flower.

How is your garden growing?

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Lori said...

Everything's looking good!! :) I wish I had a lemon tree...not sure it would thrive in East Tennessee though.

Together We Save said...

Good luck with your garden.

Alea said...

Your garden plants look great. Keep watering the blueberry plant. I had the same thing happen to one of my blueberry plants and it did recover.