Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Homemade Corn Tortillas

Here are a few pictures of our first attempt at homemade corn tortillas. It was a bit messy to make, but the boys and I had a lot of fun doing it and the tortillas, though not as perfect as store bought, were absolutely delicious. We ate many of them with butter as they came off the grill, and the few that were left after our snack were used for enchiladas.

This is our dough ball resting in a glass bowl.

As you can see, the dough was still a bit crumbly after resting, but it still made a nice finished product. The recipe suggested making 12 tortillas, so we cut the dough into 4 pieces, then each of those into 3 (cooking usually results in a nice math lesson). :o)

We don't have a tortilla press (yet - after our success, I definitely want one). We pressed the dough between two plates and though it took a bit of strength (see how hard he's working), it produced a nice round tortilla.

Here is one of the tortillas while it cooked.

I think next week, we'll make a double batch and that way we may have some extra to freeze, though I'm not going to count on it.

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