Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Kitchen Tip: Dull Cutting Implements; A Cautionary Tale

Once there was an old lady (maybe not that old) named Lucky Lori who used dull kitchen implements all the time. She had heard that doing this could be dangerous, but she didn't listen because she knew that she was Lucky Lori. She chopped, sliced and diced with dull knives and nothing bad ever happened. She opened cans with dull openers and nothing bad ever happened. She grated with dull graters and nothing bad ever happened. And everyone around her said, "This time you were Lucky, Lori. Next time you might get hurt." But Lori didn't listen. She kept on slicing, dicing and chopping, opening cans and grating and still nothing bad ever happened. Until one day, when Lori's luck ran out and this happened:

I realize that it doesn't look that bad in the photo, but it is. This injury has affected almost everything I do on a daily basis - can't open jars, can't hold a fork with my right hand (and I'm not an even passable lefty), can't cut anything, it hurts to open the car door, and I seem to bump it on everything, which really hurts! Plus, it really scared me because it bled for a really long time. You don't want this to happen to you, I promise!

So, my kitchen tip - don't be a Lucky Lori. Use safely sharpened cutting implements.


Melanie said...

Lori! Take care of that finger! you poor thing. So, have you had your knives sharpened?

Anonymous said...

owww! I feel your pain. Back in January, I sliced the top of my middle finger on my left hand open while opening a pack of bacon (knife sideways on the package slipped into my finger). It bled and bled and took forever to heal! I have a horrible scar too.

The Book Lady Online said...

Thanks, Melanie and Paula. Y'all are so sweet. Yes, I have sharpened the knives and I got rid of that awful can opener. This happened about a week ago. Looking at the injury now, I think I probably should have gone for stitches. It is healing but it looks really lopsided. Oh well . . . live and learn, I guess.